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Funny/WTF moments

You can bush but you can't hide

TSM_Hamlinz played with TSM_Myth today. Myth died early on that day and he watched TSM_Hamlinz. That was actually an intense moment where they were 10 people left in a very small circle. Hamlinz thought it might be a good idea just to hide inside the bush and hope that no one sees him. Well, it turned out to be not such a great idea.

First of all, people are already familiar with that bush as a hidden place, second, when being in a close encounter situation, people can easily spot you inside the bush when they aim down the sight.

It was a funny moment because this strategy really didn't work as expected for him, but it was a nice try. Sometimes you play against players that actually don't pay attention to the fact that a player might hide inside the bush and you can get an easy kill.

I actually think that Epic Games should add more type of items that you can hide inside, like barrels or other types of containers. This will make the game much more intense because people will always need to check their surroundings and inspect the environment. Kind of a hide and seek game can be really fun if you think about it.

In the end, TSM_Hamlinz was eliminated at the 10th place.