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Funny/WTF moments

Sniper shoots and falls of a roof LOL

When you play Fortnite Battle Royale you come across some noob snipers every once in a while but this guy really broke all records with his hilarious play. Dakotaz was just eliminating a guy and move forward when he suddenly sees a guy trying to snipe him from a top of a building.

A second shot comes in and does hit dakotaz. This shot helped him see where the guy is shooting from. Now the funniest moment was the third shot. Well, that noob sniper was able to release that second shot, only to fall down from where he was OMEGALUL!

So why this happened you ask? Well, not because of this Fortnite BR player wanted to go kamikaze or make a beautiful clippable sniper shot, it's because he was moving forward while aiming down the sight, not knowing that he is just about falling from the edges of the roof of that building.

I actually can relate to that. When I snipe, I sometimes try to reposition myself by moving in different directions as I aim down the sight. When I do, I sometimes stumble upon something because I haven't seen where I was going.

Such a hilarious Fortnite sniper moment. It's great that dakotaz put that sigh on so we can see that funny moment zoomed in LOL.