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Dual P90 Compact SMG slo-mo victory video clip

In this Twitch clip from Dakotaz' stream, you can see him and Yelo playing together. Dakotaz has a really beautiful plan to make a picture-perfect slo-mo finish to this Fortnite Battle Royale match.

That guy in the building is the third guy. When you eliminate the last gun in Fortnite Battle Royale you have that beautiful slow-mo effect and this is exactly what dakotaz wanted to achieve.

However, he already tried it in many ways but right now both he and Yelo had the new P90 Compact SMG weapon, more specifically the Legendary Compact SMG.

Dakotaz was the director of this slow-mo clip. He asked Yelo to take out his P90 and aim it at the building and gave the queue so both shoot together and eliminate the guy. The funny thing is that that guy actually was thinking like an actor, and went out from the building like he wanted to be the superstar of that video clip (did he know that he is playing against dakotaz?!).

That slow-mo ending was epic, with both P90 looking like lasers cutting that guy into two. That cross-fire slow-mo animation looked so beautiful, well-done dakotaz, you should have been a director of photography of a big film.