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Amazing plays

Treehouse trap bait and awesome headshot

Ninja yet with another epic play. He notices a structure around a tree, he was sure that there was a guy hiding there. Well, if you can see a treehouse like that, wouldn't you think that someone built it for a purpose? Of course, you would.

Of course, this is not Ninja-style to just play a Fortnite Battle Royale game normally, he has to have fun. He put some traps around that tree, shoot one side (the one without the trap) to bait the guy to "surprise" him by getting from another side. That guy went out from the trapped side and eliminated LOL, that Ninja is so funny.

After that, Ninja sees a guy building a ramp and getting ready to eliminate Ninja (Yeh right), Ninja aimed his sniper and put him of his misery. Well, that was a really entertaining play, but one that shos Ninja's creativity and skill.

If you want to see more of those epic plays, make sure you visit Ninja's Twitch channel, he streams daily with friends and it's always a joy watching him play.