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Always check you have bullets in the magazine

Dakotaz forgets to check how many bullets he has for his shotgun in the magazine and missed a shot. Later he was eliminated by this player thinking he was above him but he was actually below. This is a mistake that might not be so problematic if you are fighting from a long distance or fortified. This is why many players don't even bother checking if they have bullets left in the magazine.

In a late game, you probably already have plenty of bullets for all your weapons after looting many players you have previously eliminated. So this problem usually happens at the beginning of the match where you don't have a lot of bullets for your weapons. This is indeed the case here in this gameplay clip.

It's a very good practice to make sure you check your magazine and reload if needed before engaging in a close combat in Fortnite Battle Royale or in any Battle Royale game in that matter.

If dakotaz had eliminated that guy right there with his shotgun, he would save himself all the trouble of minutes trying to surprise this guy and of course prevent himself from losing the game.

In many FPS I've seen people having the habit to always load the weapon even if they are not using it, just do that reload action from time to time. I also do it. I've seen Ninja and other experienced Fortnite BR players do it many times. You know they do it because the head of their character is shaking left and right, to show that this action is not applicable at the moment because the magazine is already fully loaded.

The thing is that when you have 5 different slots to put weapons you are currently using a sniper shot, for example, you might forget to reload a weapon when you switch to it, like the shotgun for example. A good practice here is in your spare time, and you have plenty of it in Fortnite is to reload all your weapons or at least making sure all of them who are not reloaded, are indeed ready to shoot.