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Fortnite FN P90 Compact SMG is overpowered

Dakotaz melting players with the FN P90 compact SMG in Fortnite Battle Royale. The compact SMG was introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale game in patch 5.10. This is a weapon perfect for close quarter engagements. It has a high capacity magazine and a super fast fire rate.

According to the game stats that posted on Twitter, the FN 90 Grey has 13 damage, 20 fire rate, 50 magazine size, and 2.2s reload time. The Uncommon version has 15 damage, 20 fire rate, 50 magazine size, and 2.1s reload time. The Rare version (the one that dakotaz used in this gameplay clip) has 16 damage, has 20 fire rate, 50 magazine size and 2.0s reload time.

Now to that play. Dakotaz try to shoot down a group of players using his sniper rifle, he hit one but this didn't really help. Then the great play comes. Dakotaz noticed a rift entrance close by. He enters the rift and positions himself close to that squad.

He has the fast-firing P90 Compact SMG equipped beforehand. He lands and immediately starts melting those guys one by one. The gun deals good damage to structures although it isn't as powerful as the machine gun for melting structures.

The P90 Compact SMG is a beast and I'm sure many players will complain about this gun being overpowered (OP) in close engagements. This Compact SMG can be devastating in close range and can eliminate shotgun shooters faster. In some ways, it's a good counter to shotgunners for those players who aren't good with the shotgun and still want a reliable fast-firing weapon that can deal with shotgunners in close range.

Although this weapon seems like overpowered, I think it's a good choice to counter the total control of shotguns in close range. Not every player can get that first shotgun shot in, even pro players. This gives less experienced players the option to deal with those shotgun shots in close range and punish them hard if they miss.