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Funny/WTF moments

Ninja blocks last guy in the storm

In this Twitch clip, you can see Ninja achieving victory royale in Fortnite Battle Royale by blocking the guy in the storm and not letting him out.

At that point, Ninja had the high ground and the last guy was underneath him. The storm skirt was closing in fast and both were fighting right in the outskirt of the storm.

When Ninja jumped down, he was behind the enemy. His enemy made what seems to him like the best move, search for cover because he knew his opponent was behind him as he had a high ground advantage and probably jumped down on him.

He actually positioned himself well to attack Ninja and Ninja was very exposed at that point. Both release a shot and missed. Unfortunately for that guy who fought Ninja, he was entering the storm as it closed in. Ninja understood in a split of a second that this is an opportunity to block that guy in the storm. If you play the video you can see that this decision happened in a split of a second the moment the guy jumped inside the storm to hide.

Ninja from that point on just follows the guy and spams walls to block that guy's entrance to the eye of the storm, where he wouldn't receive damage over time.

That guy didn't make it and died due to damage in the storm and Ninja achieved an amazing victory royale finisher. Of course, his buddies could finish that guy a long time ago, but when you are 3 vs 1 (FaZe cLoak was eliminated), you want to have fun a bit. They let Ninja have a beautiful finish and indeed it was a fantastic win, well-done Ninja!