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Sniper shots

Ninja stationary snipe followed by jump snipe elimination

Ninja kills two guys in Fortnite Battle Royale with one stationary snipe followed by out-of-this-world jump snipe at a guy below him.

This what happens when everything connects to Ninja and he is super fresh. Ninja is an amazing sniper and the sniper is one of his favorite weapons alongside the shotgun. However, in this particular footage, you can see him make use of the sniper in mid-range. At that range Ninja usually, prefer to push forward with a build and eliminate his opponents using a shotgun, preferably with a jump pad surprise attack which he usually does in those type of situations.

The second no scope snipe was very impressive. That guy didn't know what hit him. In that match, Ninja was playing with TimTheTatman, Tfue and Faze cLoak. Those other three players are amazing Fortnite players not less than Ninja and together they are an invincible squad. They were winning almost every match. They only reason that they didn't win is that they have decided to have fun and died or making funny mistakes, intentionally. Without those mistakes, they could have won every single game, but like that, watching them play is mot entertaining.

Ninja was also on fire and took risky moves because he was playing with top-tier players. You can take risks because you know your teammates will back you up in case of something happens.

That Fortnite Battle Royale match ended with yet another win for Ninja and his friendy.