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Epic fails

Ninja fast recovery but get sniped very fast

This was a disastrous ending of a match for me because I wanted Ninja to take it. In this 1vs1 last moments of the Fortnite Battle Royale match, we can see Ninja being eliminated with a headshot by FlyTrap[262].

This was the first game of Ninja today and when I saw him online on Twitch I quickly joined to watch the stream (a big fan!).

Ninja failed to win here. He actually didn't have anything too much going against him. The other guy shot his structure base but he was able to recover pretty fast. He did lose some health during this reset. The main issue here is that once you are the one who is on the defensive side, the other player has a good eye on where you are. This means that he has the option to be the first to put that sight on where you are located and get that headshot first.

Ninja at that moment was already built up and was ready to shoot that guy using his sniper rifle. He does that very quickly and was able to release a shot. However, a misses that shot and a split of a second later that guy pops out and released his shot and eliminates Ninja.

Now, although you can't see the other guy from Ninja's point of view, Fortnite plays in a third-person perspective and was able to see Ninja's head popping out and reacted perfectly and his sight was already in the exact place he was expecting Ninja to pop out from.

If Flytrap[263] would miss that shot, probably Ninja would have taken this game. As far as I know, how Ninja plays, he can recover very quickly (reset) in almost any situation. Well, this thing happen. Ninja actually got to have a taste of its own medicine, and this is exactly what you feel when you play against Ninja 1vs1 for Victory Royale. So just try to feel how frustrating it is to lose that game like that.