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Sniper shots

Fortnite Ninja clean two steady hunter rifle snipes

Ninja impressive sniping skills are shown in this Fortnite Battle Royale video clip. He locates a guy around 180 meters away from him. He uses his common hunter rifle to put one bullet in. To his surprise, the other guy didn't even bother to build and protect himself. You know Ninja, never misses a good opportunity to get an elimination and that's what he did. The next shot was spot on and that guy was eliminated.

This is probably a noob, as you don't get to see Fortnite BR players standing still and waiting to get shot the second time. Obviously, that guy heard that sniper shot and he had to build to protect himself. It's an instinctive play of any experienced Fortnite Battle Royale player. Usually, if you get hit once, you are lucky to be alive.

The build option is the only thing that actually gives you a second chance. Some say the building skill is more important to survive in Fortnite Battle Royale than any other shooting skill, reaction speed time or any other item you have. If you have enough materials, you can make some hard time for your opponent to take you down. It can completely change the battle in a split of a second.

Well, I think that guy might have learned a lesson here, although some players just never learn and keep doing the same mistakes all over and over. I've also noticed that many players coming from standard FPS games don't like the building stuff. They do it just to block the shots and then go all in with their weapon.

Anyways, nice hunter rifle kills Ninja, well played.