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Grenade launcher against a well fortified player

In this Fortnite Battle Royales play, we can see Tfue quickly eliminates the last guy standing with a grenade launcher from far away. When eliminating the 3 guy, Tfue found a Legendary rarity grenade launcher. Each hit with the grenade launcher deals 110 damage. The great thing about the grenade launcher is that it holds 6 shells in the magazines and has a fire rate of 1 grenade per-second.

It also has an 825 impact, which means it is a great weapon for fighting fortified players (campers). Well, "camper" is not a bad word in Fortnite, because you usually camp at the end in a built structure, this is what part of Fortnite Battle Royale is all about.

When not fighting the last guy, players prefer fortifying for a few reasons: first, let other people finish each other and avoid getting hit while waiting for other fights to finish. Second, gain a high ground advantage and use a sniper rifle to try to get a quick elimination. A quick elimination is something needed if you are lacking resources when getting into a small circle and with few players left.

Third, is obviously preparing for a build fight which is usually what happens in Fortnite BR late game.

In this Twitch video clip, you can see Tfue fighting against the last player. He could not pick up the grenade launcher, but he did it for a very good reason. That grenade launcher can quickly diminish the fortified structure and it shoots fast enough to also deal a damage if the player is exposed. In this case, Tfue was able to kill that other player by hitting him with a grenade.

Another advantage is that this is a good weapon to force the other player to play defensive while pushing forward for a build fight or quick elimination.

One other big advantage of the grenade launcher, compared to a rocket launcher, is that its shoots in an arc allowing the player to stay hidden while still pushing pressure and damage.

Tfue was able to get an easy win in this 1vs1 engagement without getting hit even once, just because of that smart choice of picking that grenade launcher from that previous guy he eliminated and understanding the situation he was in.

If you take a close look at the players' positioning, you can see that the other player had a high ground advantage, a place surrounded by water with very places Tfue could hide in. So essentially, Tfue was exposed and this is why that weapon of choice was such a smart decision in this particular engagement. The next time you get into a similar situation, don't rule out the grenade launcher as a weapon option to finish the game with.

One last thing. The grenade launcher isn't good just for end game engagement. You can obviously use it for any fortified player during the match at any given point in time. This puts a lot of pressure and with continuous shots can easily eliminate one or more players hiding behind cover.