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Sniper shots

Hunting rifle snipe win with bouncer, 360 and in mid-air

In this Fortnite Battle Royale, you can see dakotaz pulling off an amazing sniper headshot as he is in the air just before landing.

Dakotaz didn't see where his opponent was and he was in the last 2-standing 1-vs-1 situation. He did what any good player does, get a high ground and try to locate the other layer who was at a disadvantage.

Dakotaz was at the same height where his enemy was, and he could have engaged in a fight but he did something incredible. He went up to use the jump pad that he placed ahead of time to surprise his opponent and also give him some time to locate him. He does 360 degree turns in the air to give him a 360 panoramic view of the battlefield as he quickly rotates while in mid-air.

Now the best part comes. He managed to locate the guy underneath the structure, where he expected him to be of course, because he wasn't up there on the structure. The moment he gets in his sight he releases a single shot from his rare (Blue) Hunting Rifle. That Hunting Rifle deals 225 damage to the head and 90 to the body. So when you hit a guy with this sniper rifle, you actually eliminate him even if he has full health and shield.

This was a very smart play not because Dakotaz wanted to have fun with this guy, but because he did not have armor and his health was on 75% so it was risky getting in because it was much easier for his opponent o eliminate him.

The third amazing thing is the timing of the shot in this amazing Fortnite BR play. He released the shot before he even landed and he was doing 360 turns in the air, so it's even hard to nail that shot on the player, let alone making that a perfect headshot for the kill.

The fourth thing is, of course, being able to make that important shot and move a victory royale one. I think that dakotaz did want to pull up a nasty play at the end, something that will look amazing and clippable and he did it really well. A stunning finish for a smart play and a smooth execution, a victory royale can't get sweeter than this.