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Funny/WTF moments

Dakotaz and Yelo trap Two guys with traps

In this clip, Dakotaz and Yelo decide to have fun in fortniteBattle Royale. They trapped two guys and they were able to eliminate one of them by locking them between traps, one escaped.

As you can see, both players were inside a container. what would you do if you were them? probably jump and surprise them with a few shotgun shots right? Well, what's the fun to do that in this particular situation where you have such a more entertaining alternative?

This was exactly what dakotaz had in mind. He first blocked them with a wooden wall and later placed traps on both sides of the walls, making them receive damage over time. The only thing they could do is quickly break the container in which they were locked in, which they did.

Dakotaz didn't want to let them escape, They replaced the walls with brick walls to make it harder for them to break it and then the traps were placed.

This was a really unfortunate moment for those guys because they were against a duo squad that at that particular moment, all they wanted to do is humiliate them. OK, let's me say it in other words, Kill them in an entertaining way.

Well, those two guys were axing the walls like crazy and dakotaz notices that. Before they are able to move forward, he puts more walls on the other side they were digging into and put traps there as well. This makes sure that even if they are able to pass through, they will surely die from the traps on the other side, and this indeed happen, to one guy who was knocked out.

The other one escaped and was able to kill Yelo, then Dakotaz came and finished that guy off.

Well, sometimes in Fortnite, when you play so many hours, it's a must making some creative eliminations. Without it, what's the point, the game will just feel very repetitive, and it's all about having fun isn't it?