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Epic fails

HighDistortion and CDNThe3rd ambushed

Two high-tier Fortnite Battle Royale players fell into an ambush while enjoying a lovely golf cart ride and get completely destroyed right of the bat.

These two players, CDNThe3rd and HighDistortion are fantastic and one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale players that can easily get a win almost every time. Even when they play solo they do amazingly well, let alone partying up together in duos.

In this video clip, they were just chilling, taking the golf cart (introduced in Season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale) to a ride in order to get into the next circle faster. I mean, why do it on foot when you can just enjoy a smooth ride?

Well, this is a problem with that. First of all, you can easily get spotted from a mile away because the car is large. Second, it's very hard to quickly respond to a surprise attack. Those two guys were ready for them in the right place, the right time with the right weapons. They probably focused on the right driver (from their perspective) first, which was HighDistortion, quickly taking him out, then focus on CDNThe3rd that just jumps out of the car but had no choice after staying without a shield and got shotgunned at short range.

I do believe the CDNThe3rd has the ability, especially with full health to survive these types of engagements, he is a very skilled player, but with shotguns you know, one shot and you are out without that shield.