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Amazing plays

Storm outskirt fight eliminates two players

In this Twitch clip, you can see SkipShot winning a match in Redbull Rise Till Dawn after an epic storm outskirt fight. He first attacks one player that jumps into the storm (why? I have no idea, why not build) and eliminates him inside the storm, the second one gets hit and eliminated by the closing storm. None of the other players which were 2 and had an advantage haven't thought of fighting while moving towards the direction of the storm to avoid getting hit, only SkipShot thought of it and took advantage of the storm to eliminate the other two guys and win the match.

In Fortnite Battle Royale you have to take everything into consideration, especially when fighting in a very small circle and even more important when it's about to close in. It's important to pay attention to the time the next circle begins and be aware of that at all times. Then you can change your attack based on that timing.

Youcan clearly see that SkiShot was very aware of the storm, why? because he was outside inside it and pushed inside to avoid the Damage over time (DoG) that the storm in Fortnite BR does.

This was such a smart play of him. Maybe sometimes it's better to be on the outskirts, especially in an intense small circle fight, because you know exactly what's going on and you won't miss it. Obviously, those two guys weren't aware that the storm circle was closing in on them. If they knew, I think they wouldn't jump into their left.

I also think that for them making a ramp quick to avoid getting shot is the best way. It's should be an instinctive play that prevents players from getting the consecutive shots and either lose a lot of health or even get eliminated. Most Fortnite players that I've seen do that straight away, and I have no idea why experienced players in Redbull Rise till Dawn played differently?