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Epic fails

Shield doesn't protect you from fall damage

ItsShayton was doing great in his 5th match at Summer Skirmish Week 2 until the point where he died from a fall damage against the last guy and missed a victory royale that could have rewarded him with +10 points, an epic fail play indeed.

So what happened here exactly. Well, ItsShayton had a full shield but only 2 health (HP, shown in green). Now if you fall down and get fall damage, that damage goes from your health and of course if your health reaches zero, no matter how much shield you've got, you are eliminated, easy as that.

You can see that he wanted to put bouncer pad to push him off so in case he lands he won't get any fall damage, but the builds were diagonal so you can't build a jump pad on those, only on floors, ceilings or walls.

What he does after the floor is destroyed, he jumps on the stairs underneath. He thinks that he won't get any damage, and if he indeed landed on the stairs he wouldn't die from fall damage, but that other guy destroys those stairs and he falls down even more and get damage and eliminated. He tries to build bud he dies before he could build anything and loses the match.

For an experienced player fighting in Fortnite Summer Skirmish, this is a big loss. He just lost +10 important points. With only Top 20 places getting rewards, and many players competing for those top placements, his is a disaster. A victory royale literally worth like 10 kills, so if you don't win, you better perform well in terms of kills.