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Amazing plays

Single SCAR assault rifle shot mid-air elimination

In this Twitch Clip taken at Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 2 play, we can see SolarymzQQQ incredible mid-air with a single-shot from the Legendary Scar assault rifle.

That great finish play starts with Solary taking down his opponent builds using his assault rifle, forcing him to get down. I don't think he used a jump pad, but regardless, he was in mid-air towards the ground when Solary mzQQQ nailing so accurately a single shot of his SCAR assault rifle and eliminating Soldat goule and winning that Fortnite Summer Skirmish matches with a stunning slow-mo finish, it was beautiful to watch.

I think it was a mistake being that high because it just invites that the player on the ground will take the base and prevent you from high ground advantage. sIn some build fights the structure base is complex and wide enough to give you some sustainability for longer high ground advantage but it wasn't in this case.

Nevertheless, it's important to have that jump pad ready just in case, because if you fall down from that height it's game over anyway, so the other player was actually in a very bad situation. I think he expected Solary to go after him and then he would have been in a better situation, but that was a smart play from Solary's side and because of that he was able to win that Fortnite BR match.