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Epic fails

TSM Myth Baited to go on the roof and got shot

In this Fortnite Battle Royale video clip, you can see TSM Myth healing himself in the house. Outside, you can see a guy jumping and building a ramp to climb on top of the roof.

As a viewer, it seems to me that that guy wasn't aware that there is any goy in the house but climbed up to gain a good vantage point. However, why that particular house?

Well, this guy was smart, instead of going head-to-head against myth, he built that ramp and waited until Myth comes up. He then used a shotgun to eliminate him.

I think that Myth thought that that guy hasn't seen him. He did walk carefully to the ramp but that guy was much smarter. He waited at the back part of the roof to see when Myth comes out. When Myth jumps to see if there is anyone on the roof, he couldn't see him. By the time he climbed up the ramp, that guy rushed him and shoot him with the shotgun. That shot was very accurate, but that guy was ready and knew exactly where to aim.

Yep, Myth was baited pretty good here. That guy could have made a mistake and be in the front side of that roof and then Myth could easily see him and probably get him before that or maybe that guy would have shot him from the roof the moment Myth went out.

Whatever the reason, he made a smart and low-risk play. This is exactly the things all of us should think about when playing, because in a split of a second, a single mistake in Fortnite Battle Royale, you are out of the game.