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Amazing plays

NRG Zayt great build control and eliminations Fortnite Summer Skirmish

NRG Zayt was doing an amazing in Match 9 of Fortnite Summer Skirmish week 2 day 1. In this clip, you can see NRG Zayt doing an amazing job controlling verticality and putting those shots were they need to go.

He builds very smartly and just circulated around his enemy from above. He also doesn't let other players build higher than here by blocking their build and quickly destroying their structures before they even reach the second level.

He continued with that amazing play throughout the match. In the end, he finished that 9th match with complete the 9th round with 20 kills and 25 points.

I should definitely continue to follow this player, he plays really well and I love his playstyle, very aggressive but also very smart in building techniques in Fortnite Battle Royale.