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Amazing plays

DrLupo evasive move with a headshot over the fence

DrLupo Playing Realm Royale and going great. In this clip, you can see DrLupo making an incredible shot. He detects the enemy and instead of fighting head to head, he uses the concussion bomb to pull himself away but at the same time releasing a deadly shotgun shot that turns his opponent into chicken on the spot.

So DrLupo doesn't waste any opportunity to deal damage. This is something that we can learn from this play, take advantage of every move to try to land some hits, even if you are doing an evasive move. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on the enemy as long as you can. He saw that ht hit him so he immediately ran forward to finish him off.

There was a smart play. DrLupo was playing with Mad_Ruski. In Realm Royale tournaments you play in duos, same as in Fortnite. However here, I've noticed that playing close together is super important. The main reason for that is that some classes, in certain areas and at some point during the game can have an advantage over other classes. When you stick together with your teammate, you can eliminate the enemy faster. Mad_Ruski told DrLupo to not engage in close range and indeed it was a risky play if he had done so. Both hold a back line and that the moment DrLupo made his incredible shot. I don't think he even expected to chicken that dude but it worked and it definitely helped later on the match.