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Amazing plays

Defran unstoppable in Match 3 Realm Royale Tourney

Defran was owning Match 3 of Realm Royale tourney Match 3. He was just unstoppable, getting snipe shots like crazy and using the assassin's ability to stay alive and reposition himself before putting more headshots in.

In this video clip, you can see Shroud spectating defrane after he was eliminated earlier in the match. Defrane gets hit, then use his blink to reposition and threw a grenade with some shots that chicken one player. He spots one player and eliminates him and pushing to eliminate the last two players with his teammate.

The circle closes in, so it's now or never. He uses his mount to get close, throw a grenade that makes the enemy move away then he pushes forward and use accurate shots and a grenade to finish the last two standing players.

In every one of the previous matches, there was a player that was able to do really well. In the previous match, it was Overpowered and in the 3rd match of Realm Royale 100K tournament, it was defran that had the best match.