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Amazing plays

Overpowered owns the 2nd match of Realm Royale Tourney

In this clip Overpowered owns the end of the match using his Assasin character, putting those shots in, blinking and using grenades and wipes out everyone.

That particular 2nd match of Realm Royale 100K tourney really made me understand how fun it is watching Realm Royale tournament. Although it doesn't have all the build stuff that Fortnite had and the great build battles, it's still a very entertaining game to watch. It's so intense because you are so vulnerable when roaming and it's super important to stay close to your buddy.

In this tournament players are playing in a group of two. Overpowered was alone but was able to use smart positioning that fits his class abilities. Many great players played in this tourney, including Ninja, Shroud, and many other great players.

Players who are able to stay alive are probably doing a really good job. It's very hard to win in this game. The class abilities and the dense terrain makes the game feel very dynamic and requires understanding the pros and cons of each class as well as to know ho know how to position yourself and use your abilities in a way that you can surprise your enemy and take advantage of specific classes' disadvantages.

Teamwork is everything in this game, but as you can see, if you are alone like Overpowered was, know how to play your character well, you can survive and win a match even alone.