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Sniper shots

Summit1g sharp shooter putting each shot in

Summit1g is super sharp putting each shot in. His CS: GO aiming skills transfer beautifully to Realm Royale. I've seen other experience FPS players having lots of trouble in Realm Royale and not being able to get the first place. Summit played Realm Royale more than some other players who prefer Fortnite, so he has more experience in this game.

Summit1g prefers a sniper rifle and a shoty from what I could tell. The shotgun is good against the Warrior when he comes close to smack you, you hit him with the shotgun and make him sorry coming close.

In this video, Summit1G does amazingly well with the sniper, putting 1000 damage to the head on the first guy. The continues with some shotgun to chicken the guy. After that, he moves left and takes some nasty snipes on the other guy and later finishing off.

In this Realm Royale match, Summit and JoshOG won. Summit was eliminated but JoshOG was able to finish the last guy standing and win a match for them both.

I really enjoy seeing him play Realm Royale. Most of the other streamers play Fortnite, but I like to mix and see different battle royale games, not juts Fortnite :)

A 100K Realm Royale tourney is about to begin, hopefully, I'll get to share some cool plays with you guys.

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