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Amazing plays

Great use of Assassin's Concussion Bomb and Blink ability

In this Realm Royale gameplay, you can see DrLupo playing the Assasin class and smartly use his Concussion Bomb alongside the "Blink" ability to push him fast towards the guy on the hill and finish him. The Blink teleports the player forward instantly, whether the Bomb if you throw it at your feet, it will blast you off in the opposite direction you throw it. He also uses the "Ghost Walk" ability that makes him invisible for a few seconds, so he maneuvers the first guy while focusing on eliminating the other guy.

DrLupo played with Rusky and both do well to support each other. Both of them were actually not in a very good position. The guy at the top had a clear angle on them from the top. Lupo first didn't know where that guy is, so used "Blink" to disappear and try to detect where that guy was. This is a good use for it, instead of just running for cover. Once he spotted him, he positioned himself in a good shot angle. He put those headshots but the guy wasn't eliminated yet. Then he did a great move, he uses both his Assasin's blink and concussion bomb to close the gap, which is what's the Assasin is great doing, especially closing up on weak targets and finishing them off. Once that guy was eliminated, the areas were clear and they were able to move on.

The Assasin is a great class that has good defensive and attack capabilities, so he is a very versatile character and a favorite among those who need that versatility to gain control in a such a dynamic battle royale battlefield.

I've been watching DrLupo playing Realm Royale and he is getting better in each game that he played. Crossing my fingers that he gets a victory royale soon. He is still streaming now, so going back, I'll hare more great plays soon from Realm Royale.