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Funny/WTF moments

Ruski protected chickened DrLupo and get chickened himself

MAd_Ruski tried to give cover for chickened DrLupo and get chickened himself LOL. I was looking DrLup playing Realm Royale. I am a big fan of DrLupo, is an amazing Fortnite player.

He tried to Realm Royale and he takes time to adapt to this new Battle Royale game. Realm Royale is far different than Fortnite, although it does play in 3rd person perspective.

I've seen Ninja and many other top Fortnite players having a hard time surviving a few minutes in Realm Royale.

I think there are a few reasons for that. First of all, the most important thing is that you are fighting against players in different classes. This means that you need to adapt your fight not to a specific mechanic similar to yours, but to different ones like Warrior, Engineer, Assasin, Mage, and Hunter. Each one its own unique abilities.

Second, the map is a camper's heaven map, many players just stay in buildings or hide because the map is so detailed and has less wide open space like Fortnite, that it's hard to detect players hiding in places. There can be a rock and a player hiding behind it and by the time you look at one way, he can shoot you down.

When you come from Fortnite to Battle Royale, just having a great aim is not enough, you need to watch your back all the time. Some of the classes have evasive abilities, like the Assasin with his "Ghost Walk" ability, that lets him escape danger, making him unable to be targeted and increasing his movement speed. So even if you use a shotgun in this game, which would probably be your favorite weapon in Fortnite, here it can be more challenging to get a kill with it.

Also, some of the weapons feel different, more floaty, I don't know, less responsive in a way. I don't know, it's hard to describe that. Anyways, Realm Royale will take DrLupo quite a few games to adjust. Once he does, I'm sure he is going to shred other players like he does in Fortnite Battle Royale.