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Epic fails

Fortnite rocket riding failed 7 times!

Dakotaz and HighDistortion were doing great in this match. They spotted a big structure far away from where they were. Dakotaz thought it is a good idea to send HighDostortion there riding a rocket. It sounds like a good idea because it was far away and just going there by foot and build up was too tedious.

Dakotaz took his rocket launcher out, HighDistortion was getting ready. Dakotaz shoot, HighDistortion jumps but missed the rocket. They tried again and again, but every time he missed the jump LOL.

HighDistortion is looking at dakotaz like: "Come on man WTF?!" OMEGALOL, I laughed so hard when he turned around and looked at him.

The good news is that at the 8th time they were able to make it and dakotaz sent him where the tower was and it was actually a very accurate landing. They actually won that match at the end. HighDistortion was knocked down with a 1-vs-1 fight at the top of the tower, but dakotaz finished it with a beautiful shotgun air shot elimination.