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Two soldiers Battle Royale

About Me

I am an aging gamer and a big fan of Battle Royale games for a long time now. I've been playing H1Z1, PUBG, and Fortnite Battle Royale and fell in love with this game genre. I've created this website to help battle royale fans like myself to discover amazing plays, funny moments, epic fails and even learn how to play by watching how the pro and more experienced players play.

Why I've Built this Website?

There are some amazing gameplay video clips that are buried in aggregated gameplay videos and I wanted to clips a more respectable stage and allow visitors to both share clips and discuss those plays with others.

Furthermore, behind many battle royale plays there is a little story, something about that play the once you understand the background behind that play, make that play more interesting and sometimes, more emotional to watch. Of course, many visitors don't want to spend a lot of time to watch an entire match or long gameplay video just to get that backstory. So I thought the best way to do it is allowing visitors add a description snippet where they can tell that story or teach people about certain tactics when they watch a particular gameplay video

My Favorite Streamers

There are many streamers that I enjoy watching myself, including but not limited to: Ninja, TSM Myth, CouRangeJD, Tfue, KingRichard, Nicmercs, Mongraal, Nick Eh 30, Daequan, Loeya, Shroud, Dr Disrespect, DrLupo and many others.

Submitting a Battle Royale Video Clip

By using Battle Royale Plays, visitors can add a gameplay video from either Twitch or YouTube. When you enter a YouTube video URL, you can choose the time range of the exact play session that you want other visitors to see (up to 60 seconds). The same goes for Twitch videos. When a visitor views that video, only that part that you've selected will be played and looped. You can also add a URL for a Twitch clip, but because Twitch clips are by default up to 60 seconds, there is no need to choose a time range for those type of videos, so all you have to do is just enter the Twitch clip URL, add title, description and tags (to make it easier for others to find it) and submit that clip to the website.

No Registration Required

Battle Royale Plays doesn't require any registration. You submit a clip and then can use the embedded Disqus widget, which is a 3rd party commenting tool, to discuss a specific play (that commenting system required registration). This means that any user can share amazing battle royale video clips straight away by just pasting the URL and adding some information to make it easier for others to find it.

Discovering Top Battle Royale Plays

As of the time of writing, Battle Royale Plays is segmented into various topics, each topic corresponds to a specific game. You can choose your favorite battle royale game (e.g. Fortnite, PUBG, Blackout, Battlefield V Battle Royale, Island of Nyne, etc.) from the select combo box and visit a dedicated page for that specific games. There you can view a thumbnail list of all the user submitted plays (I call this 'plays' because you are not actually submitting a video, but an embedded video clip URL) and you can easily browse through those videos, watch them and upvote your favorite plays.

In each game page you can find a list of the Top 10 plays. The Top 10 plays of the day, week, month, year and all-time most favorite plays for that specific battle royale game. For example, if you've chosen ''Fortnite Battle Royale', you can view the Top 10 gameplay videos for that particular game.

Upvoting Best Battle Royale Plays

I've also added an option for users to upvote for specific plays. I call it the 'GG' button. Although GG is something you say at the end of the match, whether a player or a team wins or loses, it's a short and recognized world in the gaming industry so I've decided to use it instead of just putting a thumb-up/like icon.

Upvotes are a metric we use as part of our Top 10 rating algorithm. So when you vote for a specific play, this means that you like that play and you help to make that play more visible for others who view the Top 10 list or order the list of plays based on popularity.

How can you contribute?

Every support is welcome and help to make this website grow. One of the ways you can help me out is to share this website or any specific plays with your friends. This helps the site to get more exposure on the Internet. The second thing is submitting plays that you love and enjoy watching and write detailed information to make it easier for others to find those videos. This can be a video from YouTube of Twitch that you play in or a video of others. For example, if you watch Ninja plays and clip an amazing video, you can come here, paste that video clip URL and tell users why you enjoy that play or tell a little background story so users can have a better understanding of the previous events that occur before that play took place.

Any new website needs a warm support from the community to keep on going and I do hope that if you do find this website useful, you can help support it. I don't' have a lot of ways to support my efforts, although I do whatever I can in the limited resources that I have. Wherever way you decide to help, just so you know that I will be more than grateful for that so Thank you.

More Features

As the developer of the website, I intend to add many more features to make it even more exciting to watch, discover and share new battle royale gameplay videos. I am very efficient in my work and can deliver new features in a timely manner. You can also suggest features that you want to see on the website by contacting me on my social channels (see footer for links to social channels, currently Twitter and Facebook) or by email to .

When I add a new update, I will share it with you on all of the social channels, so make sure you follow me on both Twitter and Facebook.

Thank You!

Again, I want to thank anyone who helps support this little website that I've built. Don't forget to follow me on my social channels to keep up-to-date with the latest updates. Thank you.